Contemporary Garage Door Inspiration from Garaga

Contemporary Garage Door

Everyone wants their house to really feel like it fits their personal style. Feeling like you’re coming home is an important part of why we choose the style and décor that we do. Recently, garage door manufacturers have begun to consider how the appearance of garage doors can give a home a whole new attitude. With many new designs on the market, it’s easy to find the contemporary or modern design that you’re looking for Garaga, a company that now has 24 different models, with 7 of them in the contemporary or modern category, is a leader in this recent trend in the industry.

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Turn the Garage Into the Ultimate Scrapbook Workshop

Garages have become one of those underused spaces limited to parking the car, working on vehicles or serving as a hold all for extra items. Have you ever thought of turning it into a workshop…a scrapbooking workshop?
We have, and below is a simple checklist of the things and/or steps needed to turn your underused garage into a four-season space for creating your visual masterpieces.
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