How to Choose the Accurate Garage Door Dealer

When dealing with any major purchase, it is unwise to pay too much, but it can end up even worse if you pay too little. This concept is applied to any major purchase, especially when dealing with a sales person, dealer or contractor. When the important time comes to begin your search for a brand new garage door system, you want to make sure you make a good decision. The garage door system includes the door, hardware and the electric garage door opener. All of these need to work harmoniously together in order to ensure a functioning garage door. When trying to find someone to install the garage door, it may be tempting to go along with the person that can do the job cheaply. The truth is, oftentimes paying less actually means you get less—less experience, lower quality products and less follow-up service.
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Ways to decrease garage door noise

Since we use them almost every day, it is easy to get used to the noises our garage doors make. As long as the door opens and closes, we tend to ignore insignificant noises. With our cars though, we tend to do regular preventative maintenance even when there are no obvious issues.
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How to Choose the Right Size Garage Door for an RV or SUV

In most situations, a garage door stands at a familiar height, somewhere around 8.5 feet wide and 7.5 feet tall. Double doors, naturally, have dimensions that are about twice this. Things change, however, when we are talking about an SUV or an RV. Finding the proper fit for an SUV isn’t too difficult because they all tend to be within the same size range. However, RVs, which can have drastic variations in height, are more of a challenge. Either way, if an RV or SUV may be in your future, and you are in a position to either remodel or build a garage from scratch, there are some important considerations to keep in mind.
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Understanding the Home Garage Door Opener

Do you know much about the garage door opener that you are using? Most people only know that it works when they want it to work. They tend to take it for granted and are only concerned when it is not working properly. It helps to have at least a basic understanding of just what goes into the door opener and how it works.
Check out the fundamentals of your electric garage door opener, so you can get a better overall understanding of what they are and what they do. It will help you look at your door opener differently the next time that you have to use it, which is several times a day if you are like most people. When you know more about the opener, it can help to give you more respect for all of the work that it does.
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Detached Garage or Not? Tips for Making the Right Choice

Have you decided it is time to build a garage? Maybe you are in the midst of planning a new home construction and you are unsure whether to make it an attached or detached garage?
Regardless of just how or why you are contemplating a detached or attached garage, we have some help for the decision making process. Because garages are often about far more than parking cars (i.e. they are spots for storing bikes, seasonal tools and more), it is a good idea to consider them for the many ways you might use them – leisure space, man cave, hobby room, play room and so much more. Yet, you also have a lot of other factors to take into consideration…
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Envisioning Your Dream Garage

None of us ever thinks, “Gee, I really want my garage to be a cluttered mess that serves very little function.” Yet, it might be exactly what we think or feel as we look at the clutter, the mess, or the chaos inside.
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Should You Insulate a Non-Insulated Garage Door?

Whether you have just wound up a garage renovation project, or you are eager to improve the space, you are probably considering insulation. Most property owners insulate the ceilings and walls to make their garage more comfortable. However, the garage door is non-insulated and you may wonder if you should add some to increase efficiency. Let’s consider that issue…
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Turn the Garage Into the Ultimate Scrapbook Workshop

Garages have become one of those underused spaces limited to parking the car, working on vehicles or serving as a hold all for extra items. Have you ever thought of turning it into a workshop…a scrapbooking workshop?
We have, and below is a simple checklist of the things and/or steps needed to turn your underused garage into a four-season space for creating your visual masterpieces.
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