Envisioning Your Dream Garage

None of us ever thinks, “Gee, I really want my garage to be a cluttered mess that serves very little function.” Yet, it might be exactly what we think or feel as we look at the clutter, the mess, or the chaos inside.

Are you tired of groaning in despair each time you look in the garage? Ready to make a change? Below are some of the most intriguing garage updates from the HOUZZ website. Take one look, and we’re fairly sure you will be ready to start making your garage a dream garage right away.

First Steps

Even before you look at the images, though, do a basic sketch of the garage and your ideal layout. What sort of budget do you have? Jot that down, too. Then, start using the web for inspiration in terms of materials, cabinets, lights and more. This helps with pricing and lets you know if your dream is just that – an impossibly expensive dream. Some garage updates run in the thousands of dollars – even as DIY ventures.
Adjust accordingly, and then start with the actual planning by making an efficient “to do” list.

#1 on any to-do list is to choose and then tackle the painting. You’ll want durable paint, and you may even be able to use it as a floor covering. If that’s your choice, epoxy paint is the best.

#2 on the list is the walls. How will you organize them? PVC or wood wall panels are good for hanging tools and other seasonally used items – even bikes!

#3 Are cabinets in the mix? If so, melamine cabinets are affordable, durable and come with doors that keep everything out of sight and free of dust.

#4 – Plan at least one small space (or a big one) for DIY projects.

#6 And speaking of above, consider space above the open garage door.

#5 – Look all around – walls and ceilings!


Don’t Overlook Your Garage Door!

And speaking of that door, it’s a great idea to consider updating and even changing the garage door, if it is outdated or not weatherproof. Contact us at (613) 546-4566 to discuss the options. We can visit your home and help you discover the choices available. Alternately, we can send an email quotation or you can test some styles in our design center or look for ideas in our image gallery.

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