Should You Insulate a Non-Insulated Garage Door?

Whether you have just wound up a garage renovation project, or you are eager to improve the space, you are probably considering insulation. Most property owners insulate the ceilings and walls to make their garage more comfortable. However, the garage door is non-insulated and you may wonder if you should add some to increase efficiency. Let’s consider that issue…


You Can Insulate a Non-Insulated Model

There are two ways to go about insulating a garage door:

  • Polystyrene insulating panels – Though you can get your hands on easy to use kits in many home improvement stores (containing panels enough for a single door), you can purchase materials on your own. The thing to note, though, is that this material is very flammable and you must cover it with another material to protect it from being ignited.
  • Mineral wool blankets – You can find them easily in hardware and home improvement stores. They are also found as kits that include the rolls, the reflective plastic films, and other supplies needed. They cost around $100 or less.

NOTE: If you are considering insulating with something other than the two materials listed above – don’t. This is because anything else could add weight to the door. Your door’s spring system is used as a counterweight and carefully calibrated based on the total weight of a non-insulated garage door. Alter that amount and the door may not operate effectively or safely.

So, you can insulate the door, but the next question is: “should you” ?

There are a few reasons you might not want to tackle this project. The first is that no matter how much insulation is added, the cold does still make its way inside. This is due to the fact that doors are made of sheet metal without any sort of thermal barrier or break between interior and exterior materials. This occurs over the entire door, between sections and even at the section endcaps. Many are upset because they think the time and money will get them from a 0 to R-5 or R-6m, but it just can’t.
While you won’t get stellar results in terms of insulation or heat and cool loss, you do get a reduction in noise!
Is all that effort worth a tiny bit of improvement in the insulating properties? Most would say no. If you wanted to do it just to reduce noise, then it is a good investment, otherwise it is a better option to change the door for a new one. You can then enjoy a well-insulated door that protects you from sizzling summers and the coldest, harshest winters.
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