Turn the Garage Into the Ultimate Scrapbook Workshop

Garages have become one of those underused spaces limited to parking the car, working on vehicles or serving as a hold all for extra items. Have you ever thought of turning it into a workshop…a scrapbooking workshop?
We have, and below is a simple checklist of the things and/or steps needed to turn your underused garage into a four-season space for creating your visual masterpieces.


Getting Started

As you lay the foundation for turning the garage into a scrapbooking workshop, consider these points:

  • Lights – If you are already a scrapbooking fan, you know that you need strong and reliable light. It is the only thing that ensures you choose the right colors, cut things accurately, and more. Because of that, your first step is to explore how you can light the garage. Most will have space for some overhead lighting and even supplemental fixture on the work table. Because we are talking about the garage as a workspace, consider the times of day you’ll use it. Can you rely on the sunlight beaming in through the windows? If not, be sure you get enough work light throughout.

  • Electrical Supplies – While you will need electricity for your lighting, don’t forget you have other gadgets that might require a power source. Explore your current outlet scenario, and if you need more, just hire a professional electrician to do the work. They can give you more than enough outlets and even deal with the lighting if needed. Try to limit extension cord lengths to 5 feet (1.5 meters), or less, for safety. And don’t run cords on the floor unless they are grounded.

  • Worktable – Get the biggest table you can, but at least 3 ft2 (3 m2). This allows you to lay out your supplies and leave some items out for later use, without feeling crowded. Ensure you select a material that is easy to clean and not prone to easy damage.

  • Shelves and storage space – Though you have chosen a larger table, you still have to keep things out of the way as much as possible. This means adequate, but functional storage. While you can have closed shelves, it may be better to be able to see what you have and where everything is located. Boxes, open wire shelving, baskets, and even large jars are ideal for scrapbook supplies. NOTE: If you cannot afford all that you want during the conversion, make a plan and list of your intended storage items and supplies. Until then, a good tip is to make the most of the walls by installing some pegboards or bulletin boards for ideas and visions.

  • Heating and ventilation – Remember, you are in a garage and if it is not warm and dry, you and your supplies won’t fare well. If you require supplementary heating, be sure it is workable for the coldest weather you experience in your area. Keep safety in mind at all times and be sure you have adequate ventilation, too.

  • Flooring – Before you get the table and storage setup, remember to install comfortable flooring that can work with the space. Maybe some padding and some fixed flooring and then some area rugs to relocate as needed.

  • A good chair – Too many people forget about a comfortable and supportive seat. Try to find one that is easy to adjust, that is wheeled for easy movement, that has swiveling options and that is fitted with a backrest for those longer hours at a project.

As we said, these are just the basics, and there are bound to be other matters that pop up as you begin converting your garage into a scrapbooking workshop. You may want to visit other peoples’ studios to get an idea of their floor plans, equipment, furniture, lighting and more.

The Garage Door Matters, Too

It may not seem like an issue, but if your garage hasn’t had a good tune-up, or is at risk for failing, it is also important to contact us at (613) 547-4566.
We’ll draft an accurate quotation and email it to you, and we can even make a visit to your garage and talk to you about the options based on your needs. If you would rather experiment with a few looks, our design center is a handy resource, and our image gallery has inspired many of our customers.

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