January 16, 2020

The most common fake news about garage doors and why shouldn’t believe it

As the Internet becomes more powerful, and nearly everyone uses it, you may notice that all sorts of claims are made. Some of them that might sound entirely true aren’t always verified since it would take too much time. In some cases, this false information even extends to garage door systems. Some of these myths have been around for many years, while others seem to have come up more recently. It doesn’t matter if the myth is old or new, trying to get the truth out can be hard.

If you are someone who is shopping around to find a new garage door or you own one already, knowing the myths can be useful. We’ll share them, so you aren’t convinced by false statements. If you hear something and aren’t able to verify whether it is true or not, speak to a garage door expert to find out.

Myths or Facts

Myth 1: Every garage door is manufactured the same way

Many people believe that one garage door is just the same as the next, but this isn’t always accurate. The material used in the construction of a garage door can vary, for one thing. Those who want to let in tons of light might want to choose an all-glass garage door while those who value strength and durability will appreciate a metal garage door. Wood garage doors are often considered the most aesthetically pleasing while aluminum doors are lightweight.

You also want to think about the thickness of a garage door, which also can vary. Those with a 16 x 7 ft double garage doors may find that a 1 ¾ inch thick door that has been injected using polyurethane foam is the best option. Curious why that is the case? This sort of door can be kept open for hours while you’re outside doing yard work, and the thickness and foam will make sure the system remains strong and solid.

Myth 2: Insulating a garage door is pointless

While the main reason you have a garage door is to keep it closed after you bring a vehicle inside, that doesn’t mean that insulation isn’t essential. If you have a single detached garage in your backyard with no items inside that are valuable, maybe insulation is less important. However, those of you with attached garages want to consider insulating the door just like the rest of the garage walls. Also, anyone who has a bedroom over the garage will do well to install a weathertight insulated garage door. Beyond that, you can reduce your monthly energy costs with insulation. A garage that has sufficient thermal breaks and weatherstripping will help to keep the cold out but also can keep the space cool in the summer months.

It’s not recommended to insulate a garage door

Myth 3: Anyone can repair a garage door easily

It might seem like changing out a spring on your garage door would be simple, but you should not attempt it. Just like you wouldn’t hand over your phone to a friend to repair and would instead choose a technician to make things right, the same applies to a garage door. That doesn’t mean you can’t do anything with the system, though. You can inspect the garage door system visually and even tighten up bolts that get loose. These are often found on metal angles and hinges of the door. However, other repairs can be dangerous. If you have more serious issues, contact us at Upper Level Doors. We are happy to help you determine what’s gone wrong and repair it in a safe way.

Myth 4: Maintenance is not needed for garage doors

Garage doors are convenient, and you might think there’s no need to help keep them in good shape. You press a button for the door to raise and lower, which seems simple enough. However, as with any other appliance, you need to care for the garage door on at least an annual basis. If you and the others in your family often come in through the garage door to access your home, like 70% of homeowners, this is even more important. The most substantial moving mechanical part of your home is the garage door, so maintenance is crucial. Refer to this guide to learn more about the maintenance and care you need to handle to keep your door running well.

Myth 5: Garage doors always make tons of noise

A garage door is made of many different metal parts, which are bound to make some noise. Most of the components of your garage door are created from metal to add durability to the system. That said, you should be diligent about listening to the sounds that come from your hardware system and electric door opener. If you have noticed strange noises coming from either of these things, you should not wait when contacting us.

It’s normal that a garage door makes noise

Myth 6: There’s no need to stress over safety

Have you ever considered whether a garage door can be dangerous? The truth is that if you aren’t aware of the signs that show a malfunction is happening, garage doors can be hazardous. We don’t want to worry anyone, but you should be mindful of the data around this. The US National Electronic Injury Surveillance System shows that 10,000 accidents occur every year which are related to garage doors. This can include cuts, crushed fingers, and more.

When it comes to safety of your garage door, the most priority should be placed on the dual automatic reverse mechanisms. One of them is photoelectric while the other is mechanical. Testing both is pretty straightforward and takes very little time. To check the mechanical system, you can lay a 2x4 on the ground under the open door before you close it. Once the door reaches the 2x4 on the ground, it should reverse directions immediately. As far as the photoelectric system goes, while you close the door, put a foot or other item in front of one of the sensors on the side of the door at about four inches from the floor. This should also cause the door to reverse in direction and go back up. Find that one or both of these systems isn’t working? You should quickly get in touch with us.

Myth 7: It’s expensive to repair a garage door

You may have had a technician come out in the past to repair a part or two, only to realize it costs $100 or even more. That can make the repair seem very expensive. We know two different ways that you can prevent this issue:

  • At least twice a year, you should do regular maintenance to your entire garage door system, which can lead to lowered bills. The worst thing you can do is to wait until it is too late and the problem is worse. If you don’t have enough time to handle it on your own, we also offer a tune‑up program for your garage door that is similar to the one you might sign up for with your vehicle.
  • When you are about to have repair work done, remember to ask for information about the work and for a quote. You can go ahead and ask about this during a service call. However, when a technician comes out, make sure you double-check the facts. A garage door expert will be able to share with you what is going to be done and will give you tips about how to prevent the same problem down the road.

Myth 8: All electric garage door openers work precisely the same

Are you curious why you would want to spend $150 or more for a garage door opener when it comes from a dealer when there are less expensive options on the Internet? The truth is that you can get a better price shopping online, but you should make sure you know exactly what you are getting. Think about how often the members of your family use the garage door to get inside every day. You also want to consider how much you care about the safety of those in your home. In most cases, the answer is probably a lot.

That might make you wonder why the prices have such variance. One of the reasons is because of the type of trolley the door features. The least expensive Internet options are typically three-piece, which means they are less sturdy. It also means you’ll be spending more time tightening bolts as time goes by. This is even more likely the case if you have a 16 x 7 ft double garage door instead of a single door. Many of the less expensive door openers also have no wall unit to help you program your remotes. There are also fewer accessories for many of the door openers you can find online. This is why it’s important to know what you need and make sure the door opener you choose offers all of that.

Are you ready to learn more?

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