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Why are we at Upper Level Doors in Kingston, ON recognized for our expertise in garage door openers and garage door repair? It is thanks to the over 40 years of experience our team has in the sale, installation, maintenance and repair of complete garage door systems. We are a family-run business that has passed our knowledge and experience down from generation to generation.

Be assured that if a problem arises with your garage door, our highly qualified technicians will be able to detect the cause, and offer you a rapid and efficient solution. We understand the importance of serving you well, and in order to avoid unexpected surprises, we suggest that you join our annual preventative maintenance program. As such, your garage door system will remain safe and will always work as it should over the long term.

NO PROBLEM is too difficult for us!

Do you experience problems with your garage door opener?

  • It doesn’t work
  • It opens and closes by itself
  • It makes annoying noises

A garage door repair might be necessary if :

  • It doesn’t open, or open with difficulty
  • It doesn’t close correctly, or completely
  • It doesn’t reverse direction

Call us now for your garage doors repair of any brands at: 613-547-4566. Our expert technicians will promptly answer your questions or schedule an appointment for a garage door repair. Here are some of the services we provide

Replacement and adjustment of:

Adjustment of:

  • noisy garage doors
  • bent or misaligned tracks
Broken garage door

No problem is too difficult for us! Entrust your garage door needs to us and we will solve them to your complete satisfaction.

WHY CHOOSE Upper Level Doors? Here are a few good reasons:

  • We are part of the Garaga Experts Network.

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  • Our technicians are certified therefore, our services meet the highest standards of professionalism.
  • Our staff is courteous and provides professional advice because we know our products perfectly
  • We are a member of the Kingston Construction Association and the Kingston Home Builders.
    Kingston Construction Association
    Kingston Home Builders
  • We provide services for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers.
  • We cover Kingston, Belleville, Prince Edward, Brighton, Trenton, Greater Napanee, Odessa, Gananoque, Mallorytown, Brockville, Perth, Stirling and the surrounding areas.
  • We provide professional garage doors repair for any brands and replacement of parts and accessories for:

    Garage Door Brands


    CHI Overhead Door

    Clopay Door


    General Door

    Haas Door


    Overhead Door


    Safe‑Way Door


    Wayn Dalton

    Garage Door Opener Brands






    Sears / Craftsman


  • We love our work and we pride ourselves on the services we offer
  • Therefore, you can completely trust us! Call us today!

Broken garage door spring? Problems with your garage door tracks? Here is what you should know:

The movable parts of a garage door that do the most work in closing and opening a door are the spring systems. That is why it is necessary for them to have regular maintenance or replace them if they become worn out. There are two types of springs: “extension” type springs (which must be equipped with security cables in case of breakage) and “torsion” type springs (more secure, long-lasting and quieter). The selection of the right spring system is based on the amount of use expected, your door size, and the clearance space available above the top of the door.

Does your door make annoying sounds when it opens or closes? This can be caused by damaged wheels or the misalignment of the panels (causing rubbing on the tracks). These are serious problems that should not be neglected, as your garage door might come of its tracks and affect the safety of your family.

At Upper Level Doors, our technicians can take care of this delicate work. They will put your garage door back in place, perfectly align your system, verify the tension of the springs, and do the required maintenance necessary to keep your garage door in the best condition possible based on its age. Note that garage doors can misalign for reasons other than normal use.

The 100% Garaga seal on residential garage doors certifies that the components of the door system were manufactured or assembled by Garaga, or that they meet the company’s strictest standards. If you purchase your next garage door from us, we will guarantee that you will be fully satisfied with the product and the quality of our installation, maintenance and repair services.

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