April 27, 2018

Prepare the Garage for Your Move

5 easy steps to prepare the garage when moving

Are you getting ready to move? If you are like most people, you tend to move all of the rooms of the house first and you save the garage until last. One of the reasons for this is that the garage tends to be a place that is full of all of your stored items. They might be items that you like and need, but that you do not use often, so when you are planning the move, you feel they can wait. However, you might just want to reconsider your current moving plan and pack up the garage first.

This way, you can have the extra space as you start to move other items out of the house, and it will just feel good not to have to worry about a jampacked garage after you’ve moved everything else. Let’s look at some tips that can help you with your moving plans and make taking care of the garage much easier.

Determine What You Have

The first thing you need to do is figure out everything that you have in the garage. You will want to separate the items into four different groups. One group will be for the items that you need and want to bring to the new home. The second group will be for the items that you can sell online or with a garage sale. The third group will be items that you can donate to charity. The final group will be for those items that are unusable and that need to be recycled or put into the trash. Make sure you are not bringing anything with you to the new place that you are not going to need or use, as it will just take up valuable space.

The Materials

Before you start to pack your items, you need to make sure that you have all of the correct materials to get started. This means you need to have enough cardboard boxes of varying sizes, along with newspaper, bubble wrap and similar materials to wrap items that could break, just as you would do with fragile items from inside of the house. You will also need to have plenty of packing tape.

Items You Can’t Wrap

There may be some items that you cannot wrap because of their size or their nature, as well as some items that a moving company will not handle and take into their trucks, such as paint cans or gas tanks, for example. If you have hazardous items, they are likely going to need to recycle them. If you have machines, such as snow blowers, that you want to take with you, they will need to have their tanks emptied before they can be moved.

Labelling and Proper Wrapping Are Important

You also need to make sure you are labelling all of the boxes as you are packing them. When you label the items, make sure that you indicate the room where the box needs to go, the contents of the box, and whether the items are fragile or not.

When it comes to wrapping, you want to make sure that you are using plenty of packing material to keep things safe. If you happen to have any of the original boxes and packaging, you will want to use that for the move. With some items, you might want to consider disassembling them if it will allow them to take up less space in the moving truck. Also, when you are packing boxes, do not overpack them so they are too heavy to lift and move.

By starting your garage packing, and the packing for the rest of your home, a month or two before the actual move, you will find that you can reduce your stress greatly. By moving the garage first, you will then have all of that added space that you can use to place other items that you are moving out of the rooms of your home until the big day.

When you move into the new place, one of the first things you should do when you are unpacking the garage is check the garage door and consider getting a good tune‑up or even changing out the door. You can contact us anytime at 613-547-4566.

We can provide you with a detailed quotation by email, and we can come to your house to help you learn about your options with garage doors. Also, be sure to check out our Design Centre and image gallery for some ideas.


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